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Antico Cellaio Reload

Braceria Stack house

1600 date from the 'so-called first Cellai, farmhouses built the slopes of Vesuvius through the vineyards of Lacryma Christi and in the plains, to Boscotrecase, in fields planted with vegetables. In Cellai it laid the agricultural implements and all that was needed to work in the fields, but in principal place were deposited the casks filled with the good wine of Vesuvius. Also in Cellai also present in the inner city of Boscotrecase, we often find the so-called Oak vinaria and parmiento. The wine-oak served as a winepress and was similar to that used by the ancient Pompeii, while the parmiento was the bath for pressing grapes and fermentation of the must.

The restaurant is housed in a renovated Cellaio of 1600, where they were the wine oak barrels Lacryma Christi. The structure now has a new management that over a local restyling has quickly become a 'excellence in Campania. Thanks to the quality of its service, the original dishes, meat and products of first choice.

The restaurant is located at the foot of Vesuvius. It has a large car park, garden and large outdoor and indoor. It is divided into two distinct area, Braceria with wood coals and Discopub with dance music and karaoke available for parties and funny evenings.

The Old Cellaio offers a selection of sandwiches, pasta dishes, meat, cold cuts and cheeses, plenty of choice of Italian wines and beers also Belgian draft, German and English.

The grill restaurant serves high quality meats such as Chianina, Scotton, Marche everything is accompanied by sensational side dishes.

The ancient Cellaio Reload is also equipped with a large outdoor area in summer, and allows you to enjoy appetizing dishes with great views of Mount Vesuvius on one side and the Gulf of Naples and across Sorrento coast.

Furthermore the room is equipped with a large parking lot that can accommodate buses with whole groups visiting the beauties of Pompeii Herculaneum the Sorrento and Amalfi coast.

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